What’s your new year’s resolution?

明けましておめでとうございます。Happy New Year!



Hi, it’s Nick from Suisuieikaiwa.com and I have come to the park for a little exercise. And it’s a little bit windy, but I wanted to share the new year good will and ask you a question. The question is “What is your new year’s resolution?”, new year’s resolution – 新年の目標.

My new year’s resolution is to lose weight. And I also have another, that is to improve my Japanese.

What is your new year’s resolution?

If your new year’s resolution is to improve your English then may I recommend my product Sandwich Eikaiwa. I made this product about 6 years ago with my very good friend. And we’ve been selling it online for 6 years and we get a lot of great feedback and know that we are helping lots Japanese improve there English. And I would like to help you. So please give Sandwich Eikaiwa a try, and I hope I can help you achieve your learning goals for 2013.

Thank you  for a wonderful 2012 and Happy New Year.

new year's resolution



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