Grand Final Week

It is Grand Final week for both Australian rules football and our national rugby league, so everybody is talking about football. I follow Australian rules football and I think it’s the best sporting game in the world. As a spectator sport it is definitely one of the most exciting to watch. Our game is over 150 year years old! I wish I could go to the Grand Final game on Saturday, but tickets are very expensive.

I thought I would show you what Australian football looks like with a video I found on Youtube. So click play below and watch the video. I’m sure you will be excited by what you see.

Australians are very passionate about Aussie rules football. Sometimes, going to a game can be a little scary. Fans will often scream out and swear at umpires because they love the game so much. Most of the time, the atmosphere is electrifying and exciting. I have taken my son to several games and we have always enjoyed ourselves.

At the end of the game the winning team’s club song is played. And all around the ground, you can hear the winning team’s fans sing their club song. Even when your team doesn’t win, it’s still kind of fun to hear everybody singing the winning team’s club song. In Australia, we are very passionate about sports and love to celebrate.

If you ever visit Melbourne between the months of April and September, I highly recommend you go and see an Australian rules football game. There is no other sport like it in the world. You will probably be confused by the rules of the games, but I guarantee you will enjoy yourself.

The team I support are called the Essendon Bombers. They didn’t do too well this year, so they didn’t make the finals. However the captain of our team, Jobe Watson, won the award for the best player of the year. So, that is something to celebrate. Go Bombers!

Here is another video of my team’s club song.



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