Catching Up With Urara


On Sunday I caught up with an old student of mine, Urara. She has just spent the past year in New Zealand on a working holiday. She’s in Melbourne for a few days before she returns to Japan. We sat down for a drink and I recorded our conversation.

In our conversation, you might notice some mistakes and problems with grammar. Urara is a little nervous about being interviewed. What is import is Urara is having a go and communicating. This what making progress with English is all about.

I have highlighted some problems and made corrections for you to learn from. Listen for the mistakes as you refer to my corrections below


Corrections from the Interview

I can meet up you > I can catch up with you.

Maybe next, my prefer is Europe > Next, I would like to go to Europe.

New Zealand people > New Zealanders

My main work is weeding > My main job was weeding

Countryside > Towns

It was so amazing place > It was such an amazing place.

I think I become easy going > I think I have become easy going.

I should read everything in English > I have to read everything in English

Meeting with other countries’ people > Making friends with people from different countries.

I think I have to study about my own culture. > I think I should learn more about my own culture.

Actually, New Zealand is a very safety country. > Actually, NewZealand is a very safe country.

It was a bit hard to contact with my boss. > It was a bit hard to communicate with my boss.

You can get new experience > You can experience many things

We can find another side my own country > You can develop a new perspective on Japan

Take Urara’s advice and don’t be shy or afraid to make mistakes. Travel the world and use Englsih to communicate.


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